Bike 2 Haute Route - the ski crossing

With the bikes and skis to Chamonix - after 6 days of cycling to Chamonix, we had already done at least the first part. Now "the most beautiful ski crossing of the Alps" awaited us, the Bike 2 Haute Route.

After initial difficulties with the attachment of various pieces of equipment, we rolled along better from day to day. On our route we passed great places like Lake Garda or Lake Como. But also had some really strenuous climbs like the Simplon Pass or the Col de la Forclaz. With the bike we were on the road for 6 days and 856 km until we arrived in Chamonix. After a rest day in Chamonix we started - on the ski tour Haute Route, so from Chamonix to Zermatt.


Ski tour day 1: ...Chamonix -> Refuge d'Argentiere

Early in the morning we took the bus to Argentiere. Due to the snow situation in the valley, we decided to take the lift to the middle station. The mood was good because there was fresh snow the day before and now the sun was shining from the sky. We were still able to ski our first slope in perfect powder and soon reached the col below the Col des Rachasses. Unfortunately, the weather changed rapidly with lots of wind, deep clouds and we were in whiteout. However, even this did not last long and so we went to the first descent. A dream!!! Powder snow and sun. Then it went about 500hm on the glacier Glacier d'Argentiere. The landscape like in a picture book and the time flew. Then we were already at the hut and treated ourselves to "a Bierli in da Sun".

In the evening we discussed the next stage and inquired about tomorrow's weather. Unfortunately, the weather forecast said wind peaks with 130km / h. We decided in the morning to decide whether we will continue the planned route or plan B comes up.


Ski tour day 2: ... Refuge d'Argentiere -> Bourg-Saint-Pierre

A quick look outside - clearly plan B!!! So off we went after breakfast. Skis quickly strapped and descent to the glacier. Arrived at the glacier we roped up and navigated us with the GPS device towards the valley.

On the rugged glacier tongue crisscrossed with crevasses, we sought our way to the ski area and descended the slope to Argentiere. From Argentiere by train to Martigny and by bus to Bourg-Saint-Pierre.


Ski tour day 3 : ... Bourg-Saint-Pierre -> Cabane de Valsorey

Dream weather - only there was already so little snow that we mounted the skis on the backpack. Our advantage - the skis were so light, so it did not make so much. Soon, however, we were able to mount the skis on our feet again and climbed to the hut. The slope below the hut - a dream - always constant so about 30 °. Arrived at the hut we made the decision to ski down the slope again and test the skis in the firn - it was really fun. After another ascent to the hut still "a fast Bierli in the Sun" and dinner.


Ski tour day 4: ...Cabane de Valsorey -> Cabane de Chanrion

We started early in the morning, because this stage was already more demanding. Right at the beginning, we had to overcome an up to 45° steep flank to get to the Gran Combin plateau. Always the Gran Combin in view and the skis on the backpack. Once we reached the plateau, we continued to the Col du Sonado.

There we decided to take two more summits, because we were so fast on the road and the weather, without a cloud in the sky, was just perfect. The crowning conclusion of this day was the descent with 1400hm to the Cabane de Chanrion and of course our "Bierle in da Sun". There our heart laughs.

Our evening ritual - weather for the next day. Unfortunately, we had to accept that it did not look good for the next few days. After much discussion we decided to bundle the remaining 2 days. That is 2200hm and over 37km in one day at over 3000m above sea level.


Ski tour day 5: ... Cabane de Chanrion -> Zermatt

We started very early, fully motivated and with time pressure, because the weather was announced bad from 16:00. It went over a very extensive and wide glacier (Glacier d'Otemma) until we reached the Col de I` Eveque. After a descent in the harsch and a steep flank we went to the final ascent to the Col de Valpelline. The weather forecast also came true - the wind picked up again and the clouds moved in. Finally!!! Once at the col, we got ready for the descent. This descent was probably the longest we know. Past the Matterhorn - over an hour to Zermatt.

Done!!! arrived in Zermatt we were overjoyed. 


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