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Wax combination for different temperatures


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The Multi Temp Wax Combo from HAGAN consists of 4 different hard waxes that are suitable for different temperatures. This means you are optimally equipped for all conditions and can maintain your equipment optimally depending on the weather:

  • Universal: for all snow conditions (+5° / -5°C)
  • Warm: for wet snow (0° / -6°C)
  • Cold: for dry snow (-4° / -12°C)
  • Extra Cold: for dry snow (-10° / -30°C)

A special feature of HAGAN ski wax is that it does not contain any fluors, kerosenes or other oil components. The wax and additives are of plant origin and therefore environmentally friendly.


Universal, Warm, Cold, Extra Cold


100 g


Ski and skin


100% organic wax. Wax and additives are 100% of plant origin

Other info

Biodegradable. Contains no fluorine, kerosene or other oil components

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