Hybrid skin Core 84 (Lite)

Touring ski-skin made of 100% mohair equipped with the hybrid glue technology

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The HAGAN Hybrid skin is equipped with the hybrid adhesive technology, which consists of two layers. The adhesive layer holds the skin to the ski base, but can be effortlessly removed and leaves no residue. The second layer provides a bond between the back of the skin and the adhesive layer. The great advantage of this technology is that the adhesive surface can be stuck together for downhill skiing without the need for a protective film, as the adhesive surface is easy to separate. However, regular care is important, this can also reactivate the adhesive layer.

The skin consists of 100% mohair. Mohair is permanently water-repellent and particularly light and flexible. Compared to synthetic fiber, it brings unique gliding properties, which are particularly comfortable in the ascent.


100% mohair



skin mounting

Quick Tour: End hook is fixed at the end of the ski and the tip tensioner is pulled forward and hooked into notch at the tip of the ski.

Length (cm)

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The colors of skins may differ from the illustration.

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