How do I choose the right touring ski?

Powder snow, sunshine, pleasant temperatures - the perfect conditions for a perfect ski touring experience. The prerequisite for this, however, is the right touring ski. But what do you have to look out for when buying? We have summarized the most important tips in this article.

First the good news: as an expert, we have already focused on the touring ski sport more than 20 years ago, which is why we can offer a wide range of touring skis. So you're sure to find the right touring ski model at HAGAN.


Find the perfect touring ski in the HAGAN store through the filter properties

In our store, you can filter the touring ski models according to the features skill level, terrain and orientation. This means you no longer have to deal with technical details yourself - the right ski models are then simply displayed for you.


skill level:

Our touring ski models are categorized according to skill level from beginner to expert. Touring skis for beginners are easier to turn and easier to control on the descent. In contrast, touring skis for experts are suitable for higher speeds and impress with their smoothness.


Particularly wide touring skis are better suited for downhill skiing in open terrain, while narrower skis are more suitable for the slopes. In between, of course, there are also numerous all-rounder models with which you are perfectly equipped for all snow conditions.


Some touring skiers want to achieve top times on the ascent and therefore swear by particularly light touring skis. Others mainly want to enjoy the descent - here, somewhat heavier touring skis have advantages again. Depending on where your personal focus lies, we offer you suitable models.

What technical info is relevant to me when buying?

If you want to take a closer look at the technical info when buying touring skis, here's an overview of what's relevant:


The waist with: The wider the touring ski, the better it floats in deep or bad snow and is easier to ride. The disadvantage, however, is that a wide touring ski also brings higher weight. Narrow touring skis, on the other hand, are suitable for fast ascents or high alpine ventures. waist with Touring skis have all-rounder qualities - they are light enough on the ascent and are still easy to control on the descent.


The length: Depending on the terrain and skill level , there are different recommendations for the length of touring skis. If you are a good skier and ski a lot of off-piste terrain, you can take a slightly longer ski - body height or slightly longer. However, as an intermediate skier, you can never go wrong with a touring ski that is between chin and nose height. The length is an advantage both on the ascent and descent and supports you.


The radius: The larger the radius of your touring skis, the larger turns your ski is suitable for. This means: If you are traveling downhill rather slowly then a ski with a smaller radius is more suitable, if you are traveling faster then a ski with a larger radius.


Rocker: At HAGAN we distinguish between the types Freeride, Allmountain and Race Rocker. Touring skis with Freeride Rocker are most strongly bent up at the tip and tail of the ski and thus ensure particularly good upswing in powder. As an all-rounder, the Allmountain Rocker is somewhat less strongly bent up. Race Rockers have been specially optimized for fast ascents.


Weight: The lighter the touring ski, the more ascent-oriented it is. Heavier touring skis have a higher downhill performance, but are heavier on the uphill.


So before you buy your touring ski, you should consider: Is a fast ascent or descent in powder important to me? How good am I at skiing? What do I value in a touring ski? If you answer these questions, you will quickly find out which touring ski suits you best. You are still unsure? Then get in touch with us via our contact form - we'll be happy to help you.

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