News & Highlights of the winter 23/24

Two brand new ski series at once: The "fast" series Tour Professional ULTRA and the all-mountain series CORE Carbon: For the 2023/24 season, ski touring specialist HAGAN has developed a total of 9 new ski models: The complete CORE series has been rethought and now shines as the CORE Carbon series. It consists of a total of five models, two of which are LITE variants - specifically for women and lighter men. With the help of intensive practical tests, the ULTRA series was also further developed. The result is four models, perfectly tuned for ski mountaineers and ambitious racers.

The "sporty" CORE Carbon series

New shapes, technology and completely new construction: The CORE Carbon series has not only been redesigned, but technically refined. The result is five new models that keep what CORE stands for: on the one hand for maximum lightness in the ascent, on the other hand for 100% downhill performance in all conditions. For the first time, a structural grind has been implemented as a finish on the entire ski series, which is otherwise only common in racing.

The CORE Carbon series is suitable for wide and narrow turns and is extremely versatile - ideal for sporty frequent skiers who can be found on the mountain in a wide range of snow conditions. The two LITE models have been specially adapted for lighter touring skiers.

CORE CARBON 92: Light, wide and simply awesome to ride. With a 340mm Front Rocker is provided for buoyancy in powder. Optimal for ski tourers who spend a lot of time in open terrain and are looking for a slightly more downhill-oriented ski.

CORE CARBON 89: The successor to the multiple award-winning CORE 89 is even more universal thanks to the new 3D Cap. It is the perfect companion in different snow conditions and just as light enough for longer ascents.

CORE CARBON 84: The sporty and lightweight all-rounder for advanced touring skiers looking for a ski for high alpine terrain. With the waist with of 84mm it is particularly versatile - whether powder, piste or in icy conditions.

CORE CARBON 84 LITE: Slightly lighter than the CORE CARBON 84 and therefore even more energy-saving in the ascent. Playful to ride and 100% reliable in all conditions. Optimal for lighter tourers.

CORE CARBON 89 LITE: Based on the CORE 89 shape with Karuba / Carbon as the core material specially adapted to lighter touring skiers. Both in powder and on the slopes, the ski with a waist with of 89 mm ensures safety and lots of fun on the descent.

CORE CARBON 92 (lengths: 162, 170, 176): MSRP € 759
CORE CARBON 89 (lengths: 154, 162, 170, 178): RRP € 699
CORE CARBON 89 LITE (lengths: 154, 162, 170, 178): RRP € 699
CORE CARBON 84 (lengths: 156, 164, 172): RRP € 659
CORE CARBON 84 LITE (lengths: 148, 156, 164, 172): RRP € 659


Faster, Lighter, ULTRA

In the development of the new Professional ULTRA series, the focus was placed on those features that distinguish this series: Lightness, to enable an even faster ascent, and stability, so that touring skiers can rely 100% on their equipment even in high alpine terrain. As a touring ski specialist, HAGAN has accepted the challenge and optimized the ULTRA series once again.

Developed three ULTRA models with a continuous carbon layer over the entire length of the ski and the new ULTRA 65 with Karuba core and a weight of only 700g.

ULTRA 89: The widest model in the ULTRA series is the perfect companion for alpinists who also like to look for lift during long powder turns. Even in difficult conditions, it convinces with its smooth running and can be controlled at any time.

ULTRA 84: Universally applicable, but particularly suitable for demanding and high alpine tours. Particularly distinguishes the ski that it convinces despite the low weight even on the descent with its stable handling.

ULTRA 79: For all ascent-oriented touring skiers who want to improve their uphill times and reach the summit even faster. With only 935 grams at 164 cm in length still easy to control even in difficult downhill sections.

ULTRA 65: Specially designed for ski touring races, it meets the material requirements for professional ski mountaineering competitions. Despite the weight of only 700 grams at 161 cm length, the fiberglass reinforcement as well as the carbon stringers provide sufficient stability and make it a durable ski model.
Ski mountaineer Tina Fischl has already recorded a victory with the new model: "Mainly due to the expertise in the development of touring skis, I have been skiing on HAGAN skis for years - that anything is possible with the new ULTRA 65 has once again been shown by my victory at the Schattberg Race at Mountain Attack."

ULTRA 89 (lengths: 154, 162, 170, 178): RRP € 699
ULTRA 84 (lengths: 148, 156, 164, 172): RRP € 659
ULTRA 79 (lengths: 148, 156, 164, 172): RRP € 599
ULTRA 65 (lengths: 151, 161): RRP € 759


New in touring ski skins

In addition to the new ski models, HAGAN is taking a broader stance in the area of touring ski skins and now offers custom-fit hybrid and Smartglue skins for the entire collection, all of which are manufactured in Austria.

From the 2023/24 season, HAGAN customers themselves now have the choice between the two skin variants Hybrid or Smartglueskin . The Hybrid-skin consists of 100% mohair and is equipped with a combination of silicone and special glue - as a natural product, the skin has the ideal gliding properties. The Smartglue adhesive fur, on the other hand, is easy to handle and is particularly robust due to the use of Mixmohair (65% mohair and 35% nylon).

The two coat variants are now offered for all models, so customers can decide for themselves which skin they prefer.


HAGAN - Pure Ski Mountaineering - Complete supplier with passion

Founded as an Austrian family business in 1924, HAGAN has specialized exclusively in ski touring since the mid-1990s. Company boss Franz Siegesleuthner and his team offer perfectly coordinated, innovative total setups (skis, bindings, skins, boots and accessories). The credo "From tourers for tourers" is applied to all products. This is precisely why the company also manages to fulfill innovative solutions for the different demands of touring skiers.

As a regionally rooted company for which the responsible use of resources and the mountain environment is central, HAGAN thinks and acts in a future-oriented manner and has been very responsible for many years with regard to its own carbon footprint. In addition to the use of electric mobility and sustainable electricity, the family business is committed to the cooperation "Protect Our Winters" (POW). The cooperation is strikingly underlined by the co-branding of the BOOST x POW Tour Freeride Ski.



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